Foods that Help Lower Your Body Fat Levels

Naturally, our bodies are made to store a substantial amount of fat that can be used for metabolic purposes during times of crisis for instanced starvation. Fats that are stored in the body are mainly due to dietary carbohydrates and lipids although proteins might also take part in formation of the fat via processes like gluconeogenesis. Usually, it is the excess that the body cannot utilize immediately that goes on to be stored as fat. A number of factors determine the likelihood of the body to store fat; this include sex, eating habits and some hormones. Females generally store more fat. Hormones that help us respond to stress for example cortisol can cause storage of excess fat and fat redistribution.

Foods can help lower fat levels by either altering the rate of metabolism to ensure more utilization or affecting activity of the various hormones and enzymes that influence fat homeostasis.

Foods that Help Lower Your Body Fat Levels

The 5 foods that kill fat include:

Whole grains

These include oatmeal, brown rice, unpolished corn and unpolished wheat. These foods usually have a lot of fiber. Apart from aiding digestion by increasing the bulkiness of food, fiber reduces the caloric content of these foods. Whole grains are also known to double the rate of caloric breakdown in the body thus causing the body to utilize extra stored fat much faster.

Lean meats

These are meats that have little fat if any. These include chicken and fish meat. The lean meats contain a lot of proteins, proteins are known to have very high thermogenic effect that is as much as thirty percent of all calories in a protein are required for complete digestion of the same protein. This plus the fact that proteins generally have a low caloric value ensure the body is not exposed too much calories.

Low fat dairy products

Milk contains majorly water, milk protein casein, fat and milk sugar (lactose). The fats and lactose are the main contributors to caloric value of milk. Milk products devoid of fat are rich in calcium and vitamin D. These build up muscles and bones thus increasing thermogenicity and metabolic rate thus an increased rate of caloric breakdown.

Green tea

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that people who took four cups of green tea in a day were able to lose up to six pounds within a period of eight weeks. Green tea has a compound known as EGCG which is able to speed up the general rate of body metabolism thus increasing the rate of caloric breakdown. For you to benefit maximally from a good fat loss program with green tea, you will need to take the tea with little or no sugar and cut on other fatty foods.

Hot peppers

Capsaicin is the compound that is responsible for the test of chilli. This compound can be found in raw, powdered, dried or even cooked peppers. This compound increases the ability of the body to break down calories by increasing metabolic rate. Eating peppers and adding as much chili to your soup and sauce can therefore help you lose fat and regulate your body weight and shape.